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Social Feed

Embed content from Instagram, Facebook, twitter and other social platforms to your website.

Instagram Feed

Add Instagram images to your website to engage your visitors.

Facebook Feed

We make your Facebook content appear and work on your website.

Twitter Feed

Embed your Twitter feed or customer testimonials from Twitter.

Social Media Icons

Add social icons to your website.

Instagram Widget

Embed Instagram profile to your website.

All-in-One Reviews

Show all meaningful reviews at once from 20+ business reviews sites.

Testimonial Slider

Boost brand trust with bright testimonial on your websiteBoost brand trust with bright testimonial on your website.

Airbnb Reviews

Share the best reviews about your place from Airbnb with your website users.

Facebook Reviews

Display your Facebook reviews on the website and increase social trust

Reviews from TripAdvisor

Increase your trustworthiness with reviews on your site

Google Reviews

Prove your business positive on your website

Amazon Reviews

Share the best reviews about your place from the Amazon with your website users

G2 Crowd Reviews

Reviews on your products and services from G2 Crowd on your site

Trustpilot Reviews

Selected reviews from Trustpilot on your website for higher customer trust

Apple App Store Reviews

Embed reviews on your apps from Apple App Store to your website

Yelp Reviews

Prove your business positive image with Yelp reviews on your website

AliExpress Reviews

Display product reviews from AliExpress on your website

BBB Reviews

Display business reviews from Better Business Bureau on your website

DealerRater Reviews

Display dealer reviews from DealerRater on your website

Booking Reviews

Integrate your best customer reviews from Booking.com into your site

eBay Reviews

Display seller reviews from eBay right on your website

Edmunds Reviews

Display dealer reviews from Edmunds on your website

Etsy Reviews

Display seller reviews from Etsy on your website

Google Play Reviews

Display apps, movies, music, books reviews from Google Play on your website

Hotels Reviews

Display hotel reviews from hotels.com on your website

Houzz Reviews

Display reviews about professionals from Houzz on your website

OpenTable Reviews

Display restaurant reviews from OpenTable on your website

Airbnb Reviews

Share the best reviews about your place from Airbnb with your website users

Pricing Table

Help customers make a purchase with clear and graphic pricing

Countdown Timer

Increase sales with excitement timers on your website


Embed fully customizable popups on your website for targeted action

Click To Call

Let your users reach you by phone in just one click

PayPal Button

Add one of the most approved payment tools to your website

All In One Chat

Let users chat with you on Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, ect. on your website

WhatsApp Chat

Gives users an opportunity to contact you on WhatsApp straight from your website

Facebook Chat

Allow users to get in touch with you on Facebook Messenger right from your website

Telegram Chat

Give your audience the option to get in touch with you on Telegram straight from your website

Viber Chat

Let users message yo on Viber directly from your website

Line Chat

Let users reach you out on Line right from your website

Discord Chat

Give your audience an opportunity to chat with you on Discord directly from your website

Form Builder

Receive more insights from your clients through various fill-in forms

Contact Form

Get more leads and feedback with easy-to-fill contact form

YouTube Gallery

Display YouTube channels and videos on your website

Vimeo Gallery

Display selected Vimeo videos and channels on your site

Audio Player

Your tracks for listing, buying, and downloading on your website

Podcast Player

Selected podcasts in a handy player on your website

Background Music

Accompany your visitors' experience with the most appropriate audio background

Radio Player

Improve user experience by means on manageable player on your website

Corona Virus Stats

Demonstrate up-to-date statistics about the COVID-19 spread.

Google Maps

An intuitive tool for creating Google Maps on your website


Anticipate your clients questions and estimate their doubts

Cookie Content

Display a cookie content bar to your website visitors

Team Showcase

Show your team to the best advantage though a customizable gallery

Event Calendar

Display upcoming events, conference or meeting to your website visitors the most interactive way

Photo Gallery

Create remarkable photo galleries which will grab users' attention and won't let them leave your website too soon

Before and After Slider

Showcasing how your offers work through before and after photos

Back to Top

Turn your website into the most convenient recourse to your visitors

QR Code

Redirect your users to any website and help them get info and upload files with no effort

Number Counter

Demonstrate your marvelous achievements and impressive numbers to your audience

Restaurant Menu

Present your dishes and drinks on your website to attract your guests

Visitor Counter

Control your website traffic and up level credibility


Let your audience easily find what they need on your website


Create beautiful image and text carousels for your website


The latest weather info in a handy customizable widget on your site

Logo Showcase

Showcase logos of your clients, partners, brands and vendors on your website

Age Verification

Verify age to restrict underage users from access to your website

File Embed

Embed, view and download all kinds of files on your website

PDF Embed

Embed PDF docs with ease for seamless viewing


Introduce yourself and your projects through a customizable portfolio

Facebook Share Button

Let people share your website pages

Facebook Like Button

Let people like your website pages

Facebook Comments

Let people comment on your website and share it